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Jon Lang

Contact Jon Lang: +44 (0)20 7936 7057

One of the busiest and most experienced mediators practising in the commercial field, Jon is instructed in a wide variety of disputes both in the UK and overseas from multi-party international trade cases involving proceedings in various jurisdictions to cases involving multiple and diverse claims between members of partnerships.

Professional Background

Jon Lang is one of the most experienced mediators in the UK. CEDR accredited, Jon became a full-time mediator in May 2005, having spent almost twenty years as a solicitor in private practice, the last six as a partner in the disputes group of  White & Case in London. Jon has acted as an expert in mediation and is a panel member of the Court of Appeal mediation scheme.




Personal Style

With twenty years litigation practice behind him, Jon draws on his extensive experience of negotiating settlements on behalf of his clients as well as representing them at mediation. He has a calm and measured approach and works hard with the parties to reach a deal.


A selection of comments from recent editions of the Chambers & Partners and Legal 500 directories reflecting Jon’s mediation style and practice are set out below.




Areas of Mediation Practice

Jon has mediated many disputes, both in the U.K. and overseas, in a wide variety of areas. Recent examples appear below.







Areas of Mediation Practice

Jon has mediated many disputes, both in the U.K. and overseas, in a wide variety of areas. Recent examples appear below. Jon would be very happy to provide further examples of cases he has mediated in any of the areas listed below. Simply let him know by phone or e-mail which are of interest.


Banking (including derivatives) and Financial Services

A claim against a bank for negligent advice including breach of various COB Rules in connection with the purchase of a number of investments and their suitability, and the monitoring of and eventual exit from those investments (c. £1 million).


An Inter-bank dispute in relation to security held by each (c. £2 million).


A dispute arising out of the creation of a private equity fund and the premature exit of a number of partners from an LLP set up to run the fund, with argument focusing on the value of various equity holdings and forecast carried interest calculations (c. £10 million).


Mediation of a dispute concerning a variety of interest rate hedging products (c. 7 million).


An action brought by a bank to enforce several guarantees given by directors of a business (c. £3 million).

further examples >

Boardroom, Shareholder and JV disputes

Mediation of an unfair prejudice claim arising from the setting up, by majority shareholders, of overseas companies in which a minority shareholder had no interest, the case involving a variety of issues including an analysis of inter-company transactions under US and OECD transfer pricing principles (c. £10 million).


A three day multi-party, multi-jurisdictional mediation (preceded by a number of pre-mediation meetings) involving the separation of family interests in various groups of companies around the world, the mediated settlement being implemented by way of numerous transfers of shareholdings, redemption of loans and other ‘balancing’ transactions (c. £several hundred million).


A claim against a former director for breaches of fiduciary and statutory duties, and dishonest assistance and knowing receipt.


A case involving UK and US proceedings and concerning restrictive covenants of senior directors leaving a multinational company and setting up in competition.

further examples >

Commercial Fraud

A claim by a major banking institution against several companies and individuals alleging bribery, breach of fiduciary duty and breach of contract, the dispute concerning representations made to the bank’s credit committee causing various loans to be made (c. £7 million).


Litigation arising out of a failed property development company in which unsuspecting parties invested in non-existent property (c.£3 million).


A multi-party action arising out of the alleged diversion of opportunities to directors of a financial services business, including tracing claims against third parties (c. £6 million).

further examples >


A mediation of a parallel imports/exhaustion of rights case concerning the importation of new and re­-engineered computing equipment into the EC.


A case concerning consent given by a licensee/authorised distributor of a trade mark owner (an economically linked undertaking) for the placing of product by another on the market in the EU.


A case concerning alleged abuse of a dominant position (art. 102 TFEU) and agreements restricting competition (art. 101 TFEU).

further examples >

Confidential Information

A multi-party mediation concerning the misuse of confidential information, breach of fiduciary obligations and breach of contract (c. £1 million).


A confidential information dispute in the healthcare sector arising out of the departure of minority shareholders/directors.


An account of profits claim arising out of the alleged misuse of confidential information concerning a corporate acquisition opportunity.


A three day mediation arising out of a breach of confidence dispute which included an exercise verifying deletion of confidential material from various databases at different locations.

further examples >

Construction and Engineering

A multi-party dispute arising out of the construction of a port, the dispute primarily concerning allegations of negligent bathymetric surveying and piling (c. £2.5 million).


A dispute arising out of the refurbishment of, and extension to a major London department store (c. £12m).


A mediation between a construction company and a museum arising out of the construction of a new wing (c. £10m).


A dispute between the inventor/designer of automated prosthetic limbs and their manufacturer.


A dispute concerning the development/manufacture of F1 engines.

further examples >


Defamation and malicious falsehood claims arising out of a radio broadcast (c. £2m).


A dispute arising out of publication in print and online of allegations of professional misconduct.


A dispute arising out of the publication, in print and online, by a faith based organisation, of an article suggesting that certain beliefs were held by a high profile member of a community.

further examples >


A dispute between a former senior executive of a financial institution involving restraint of trade issues and money due under various share and executive plans (c. £2 million).


An unfair dismissal claim brought by a senior employee arising out of alleged protected disclosures, also involving a defamation claim.


A case involving equal pay, sex discrimination and unfair dismissal claims.


A claim by a group of employees for unfair dismissal, age discrimination, unlawful deduction of wages and failure to inform and consult under TUPE.

further examples >

Film and Entertainment (including gaming)

A dispute arising out of the development, production, distribution and marketing of a series of films in the animation sector (£8 million).


A dispute between a film production company and an advertising agency concerning the making of a film for a major high street chain store (£750k).


A licensing dispute arising out of broadcasts by a number of film channels.


A dispute between a software house and a gaming TV channel over the running of a gaming platform and revenue sharing arrangements (c. £500k).

further examples >


An action brought by liquidators against former directors alleging undervalue transactions, wrongful payment of dividends and seeking repayment of loans (c. £1.5 million).


Mediation of a claim by joint liquidators under section 212 IA 1986 against former directors and alleged shadow directors of various group companies arising out of a failed tax planning scheme in which defences based on the Duomatic principle and section 1157 CA 2007, amongst others, were being raised (c. 8 million).


A claim by liquidators against various professional services firms arising out of the collapse of a litigation funding scheme (c. £12 million).


A claim by a liquidator seeking recovery of alleged undervalue transactions (£10 million).

further examples >

Insurance and Reinsurance

A dispute involving a high street chain store and an insurance company concerning the selling of payment protection and other insurance policies (c. £900k).


A dispute between a public body and an insurer concerning a failed claims handling project.


A mediation arising out of a collective conditional fee agreement between solicitors and legal expenses underwriters (c.£4 million).


A dispute between an insurer and reinsurer arising out of the disputed settlement of claims (c. £3 million).

further examples >

Intellectual Property – Trade Marks, Passing Off and Comparative Advertising

A trade mark dispute between two household name technology companies arising out of their respective development of sub-brands, with infringement of a CTM and passing off alleged.


A trade mark mediation concerning a significant high street brand and the co-existence of two owners of the same ‘split’ trade mark, the dispute involving multiple jurisdictions and trade mark revocation, opposition and infringement proceedings in each (c. £2 million).


A multi-jurisdictional trade mark dispute between owners of two iconic brands involving infringement, revocation and invalidity claims brought by each against the other in the UK High Court, OHIM, The General Court of the European Union, the Chinese Trade Mark Office and in over 50 other countries around the world.


A dispute between competitors arising out of a comparative advertising campaign raising various issues under the EU Directive on misleading and comparative advertising (2006/114/EC).

further examples >

Intellectual Property – Copyright and Database Rights

A multi­party dispute concerning the exploitation of sound recordings and the back catalogue of a major rock star.


A database copyright dispute raising numerous issues including the level of intellectual creativity required under the Database Directive (96/9/EC), and various other issues under that Directive and the E-Commerce Directive (2000/31/EC).


Mediation of a dispute concerning the licencing of a technology standard, claims for liquidated damages met by a FRAND (fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory) defence and an alleged breach of Article 102 (TFEU).


A multi-party dispute concerning incorporation of data into a third party database involving claims for delivery up, injunctions etc.

further examples >

Intellectual Property – Design Right

A dispute between competitors in the luxury goods market concerning community and national registered and unregistered design right.


A registered and unregistered design right dispute in the FMCG sector with discussion focusing on the essential or significant features of the registered design with regard to the statement of novelty, prior art and functional exclusions.

further examples >

Intellectual Property – Patents

An employee invention claim under section 40 Patents Act 1977 (c. £2million).


Mediation of a claim seeking a Declaration of non-infringement under Section 71(1) of the Patents Act and also a Declaration pursuant to Section 64 (continuation of use).


Mediation of a patent dispute involving claims of infringement of a UK and US patent with proceedings in both jurisdictions.


A patent entitlement case under Section 37 Patents Act, originally before the Comptroller and then transferred, in respect of a product used in the construction industry.

further examples >

International Trade, Distribution Agreements and Agency

A two-day mediation concerning a long-term raw material supply contract (c. £40 million).


A multi-party, multi-jurisdictional dispute concerning the supply of raw materials involving issues of foreign law liens, guarantees, reservation of title, etc (c. £1.5 million).


A mediation arising out of an agreement giving sole distribution rights in a particular jurisdiction and loss associated with alleged breach, including issues such as computation of ‘Wrotham Park’ damages (c. £2.5 million).


A mediation of a claim under the Commercial Agents Regulations with the manner of calculation of the value of the agency under Regulation 17, and the meaning of ‘continuing authority to negotiate’ under Regulation 2(1) and ‘secondary activities’, being the main issues in dispute.

further examples >


A two-day mediation concerning a master software licence and services agreement in the financial services field involving a foreign public corporation (c. £70 million).


A mediation in Washington D.C. arising out of a dispute in the insurance sector following a merger and concerning the scope of a licence agreement (c. £15 million).


A mediation over 4 days arising out of the implementation of a CRM system (c. £1.4 billion).


A dispute between telecoms providers raising issues under the General Conditions of Entitlement (promulgated under the Communications Act 2003).

further examples >

Outsourcing, Franchising and Leasing disputes

A dispute between a retailer and service provider operating a call centre and warehousing facility concerning service level agreements, charging structures and termination.


A mediation involving a major airport arising out of an outsourcing contract (c £2.5 million).


A dispute between an international franchisor and one of its franchisees operating in a number of jurisdictions (c. £4 million).


A case concerning repairing obligations under a lease of industrial equipment.

further examples >


A dispute involving the expulsion of a partner from a 20+ partner solicitors practice, involving issues of compensation, profit share and client retention.


A claim by a former partner of an accountancy practice based on misrepresentation, misapplication of capital and continuing obligations under guarantees (c. £750k).


Claims between two partners on dissolution of a property development partnership the assets of which included several property owning companies (c. £200 million).

further examples >

Professional Negligence

An architects negligence action brought by a prime contractor on a large inner city development project (c. £10 million).


A solicitors negligence action arising out of the sale of land and the adverse impact of various overage provisions (c. £500k).


An accountants negligence action arising out of tax advice given on the structuring of a share option plan (c. £1.5 million).


A claim brought by a lending bank against valuers for overvaluation of land and its development potential (c. £3 million).

further examples >


A landlord and tenant case between a public authority and a commercial entity concerning alleged breaches of covenants, applications for a new tenancy, etc (c. £100k).


Mediation of a dispute concerning the proper approach to the valuation of easements and wayleaves involving a review of the Wrotham Park authorities, the Valuation Office Agency’s Land Compensation Manual and much expert evidence.


Mediation of a dispute between tenants of a pub/hotel and the owner of the freehold over rent to be payable on a new lease, with discussion focusing on the ‘reasonably efficient operator’ (REO) and calculation of ‘Fair Maintainable Trade’ (FMT).


A mediation of a dispute arising out of the enforcement of restrictive covenants over land raising issues of enforceability, in particular whether the covenants are void as being in breach of section 2(1) of the Competition Act 1998 (raising sub-issues concerning section 9 exemptions), and also of modification or discharge under section 84(1) of the Law of Property Act 1925.

further examples >

Public Sector including Public Procurement

A variety of public procurement disputes concerning, for instance, automatic suspensions under s95 of the Public Contracts Regulations 2015, allegations of manifest error in the scoring of bids, unfairness and lack of transparency.


A dispute between a public educational establishment and a private supplier of educational resources raising a number of regulatory issues concerning oversight and maintenance of educational standards, specific requirements regarding foreign students, adherence to codes of practice etc.


A dispute between a local authority and a child care/nursery services provider concerning service level agreements, landlord & tenant, and other issues.


A two-day mediation concerning a master software licence and services agreement in the financial services field involving a foreign public corporation. (c. £70 million)

further examples >


A mediation between the governing body of a sport and a PR company concerning sponsorship for tournaments in the UK and overseas (c. 250k).


A dispute between a major football club and a sports agent (c. £500k).


A breach of contract claim arising out of the broadcast of a major sporting event (c.100k).

further examples >

Trusts and Probate

A claim by executors of an estate, supported by charity beneficiaries, against family members alleging undue influence in relation to certain life-time transactions.


Mediation of a dispute between a residuary beneficiary and the beneficiary under a codicil following the issue of proceedings by executors and a limited grant of probate, with discussion focusing on the application of the test for testamentary capacity (applied by various professionals prior to execution of the codicil) pursuant to Banks v Goodfellow, the role of attorneys under an Enduring Power of Attorney and an allegation of undue influence.


A dispute between the first family of a deceased and his second family over certain properties raising issues of proprietary estoppel.

further examples >

Other areas of mediation

Academia – various, including a dispute between educational establishments raising a number of regulatory issues concerning oversight and maintenance of educational standards, visa requirements for foreign students and adherence to codes of practice; dispute concerning a sponsorship licence issued to an academic institution; a dispute concerning funding of overseas students, immigration rules and adherence to relevant guidance, etc.


Art and cultural heritage – a claim arising out of a high profile auction concerning its marketing, cataloguing of articles, disputed provenance, etc (c. £5 million).


Aviation – aircraft leasing disputes involving a variety of issues including delayed delivery, aircraft configuration/modification, maintenance, security deposits, AOG events etc.


Counterfeiting – an action brought by a rights owner following various arrests and execution of search and siezure orders.


Defence & Aerospace – a mediation concerning asserted liens (c. £400K).


Distraint – a dispute arising out of allegedly illegal distraint for rent over a large piece of equipment used in the waste management sector.


Energy – a mediation of a dispute concerning the valuation of energy output from a power plant.


Fatal accidents – a fatal accident claim arising out of an aircraft crash (c. £2 million).


Fee disputes – a dispute over fees between a solicitor and client arising out of a number of separate engagement letters.


Food – mediation of claims arising from product recalls following a Food Standards Agency alert.


Healthcare (Regulatory) – disputes concerning marketing authorisations (MHRA), SmPC’s and PIL, livery applications (Article 61 notifications, Directive 2001/83/EC); clinical trials; dispute over funding of medical research involving various institutions; dispute concerning the development of electronically controlled surgical equipment raising issues under the EU Medical Devices Directive; a dispute concerning the implementation of IT systems at a pharmaceutical research centre involving allegations concerning compliance with ‘The rules governing medicinal products in the European Union’ (EudraLex), Volume 4 – Good Manufacturing Practice, Annex 11 (Computerised Systems).


Mergers & Acquisitions – several mediations arising out of business/company sale and purchase agreements including non-disclosure/breach of warranty claims and the calculation of loss in respect thereof; disputes in relation to materiality of non-disclosures; and disputed interpretations of seller protection/claim reduction provisions.


Oil & Gas – various disputes arising out of an onshore drilling contract; a dispute in relation to the testing and completion of wells; warranty claims concerning commercial exploitation and discovery of drillable prospects; a dispute concerning the precise extent of accumulations and whether within or outwith certain licence areas; disputes concerning Oil & Gas Authority licences.


Personal Injury – a serious motor bike accident resulting in loss of limbs.


Product liability – a multi-party claim arising out of the supply of allegedly faulty electrical equipment which led to a fire and total destruction of commercial premises; product liability claims against an overseas manufacturer in relation to the supply of consumer products which caused injury; a number of product safety related disputes raising issues under various provisions including European Standards (e.g. EN71), Toys (Safety) Regulations 2011, the General Product Safety Regulations 2005 etc.


Public procurement – several public procurement disputes in various sectors including those arising out of tender processes raising, for instance, issues under the Public Contracts Regulations 2006, as well as more general issues of public law, such as capacity or vires.


Sale of goods – many cross-border and in a variety of sectors, including those raising issues of compliance with ISO and BSI Standards, Certificates of Conformity, disputed manufacturing test certificates, CE approvals (EU Directive No. 2006/95/EC), general sale of goods and services legislation, etc.


Shipping – demurrage claims.




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Personal Style

A selection of comments from recent editions of the Chambers & Partners and Legal 500 directories reflecting Jon’s mediation style and practice are set out below, followed by examples of feedback received direct from parties and their advisors who have appointed Jon as mediator.



“…a ‘first-choice mediator’, with ‘an excellent blend of experience, determination and charisma’…”


“Most of all, he is singled out for his ‘ability to get a deal done in even the most difficult of circumstances’…”


“…quickly builds ‘a good rapport with both clients and lawyers’…”


“…astute, commercial and pragmatic…”


“…highly effective, excellent, hardworking and intelligent…”


“Among the best of the best”


“…quickly gets to grips with complex cases and draws the dispute to a conclusion through his sheer commitment…”


“…has an outstanding record of settling cases that appear intractable”


“ Repeatedly noted as a first choice…”


“…not afraid to engage and challenge views or strategies in a constructive manner…”


“Jon Lang …. is an increasingly prolific full-time mediator and ‘a hit with commercial clients’, Lang is credited as ‘dependable’, ‘thoughtful’, and ‘well prepared’…”


“…provides ‘creative suggestions when the parties are running out of ideas. He keeps the momentum going throughout the day’…”


“…absolutely first-rate mediator…”


“…brings to the commercial mediation table a very particular and highly effective combination of commercial astuteness, deftly placed humour,
and unerring ability to read a room…’


“…always working extremely hard to exhaust every avenue to reach an agreement…”


“…easy to deal with and incisive in his analysis of the issues…”


“His patience and good humour can enable even the most intractable disputes to be resolved, and he goes the extra mile in pursuing settlement…”


“…a premier league mediator”


“…quick understanding of the parties’ aims and great ability to find common ground…”


“Lang has developed a booming commercial mediation practice centred on general commercial matters, including professional negligence and construction…”


“He is very good at getting deals done …”


“…has quickly established the confidence of large swathes of the legal profession…”


“…uncanny ability to read people…”


“…highly efficient and effective in a wide range of disputes”


‘…cuts through all the game-playing’


“…able to ‘engender trust …. tenacious where necessary’ and ‘always well prepared’…”


“…he will push hard for a deal…”


“Jon Lang (Independent) has rapidly established himself among the UK’s leading mediators……clients find he is ‘ approachable’, ‘ pragmatic’,
‘ commercial’ and ‘resolution focused’…”


“…creative in suggesting solutions…”


“He is considered good with ‘difficult’ clients…”


“…regarded by many observers as ‘a cut above the rest’…”


“…ability to ‘get to grips with the industry issues’ impresses clients, as does his talent at ‘seeing the commercial angle and the bigger picture…’


“…clients are ‘comfortable retaining him on any commercial dispute’…”


“…consistently very good…”


“…good sense of when to intervene…”


“…ability to push things to conclusion…”


“…pleasant manner…”


“…commercial acumen…”


“keeps the momentum going…”


“not one to allow parties to box themselves in…”


“…a clear and incisive grasp of the issues and facts…”


“…described by one source as being on the ‘A-team – he’ll be one of the top mediators for years to come’…”


“…he’s able to really get to the bones of a matter…”


“…rated very highly…”


“tenacious and patient”


“…praise from market sources for his excellent communication skills and ability to ‘understand the case and commercial needs of the clients’…”


“extremely hard working and well-prepared”


“constructive, diligent and focused approach to securing settlement”


“lauded for both his ‘gentle manner, which encourages compromise’ and ‘incredible persistence in reaching a deal’…”


“…ability to ‘develop a relationship with each of the parties’…”




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Client Feedback

A selection of comments from parties and their advisors who have retained Jon to act as mediator.


“Very impressed with Jon. Intelligent and personable….”


“My client was immediately put at ease and convinced that Jon was a trustworthy neutral…”


“…very insightful, very focused, very effective…”


“..client is very pleased…..and I think you’ve gone a long way towards restoring their faith in mediation!’


“…thank you for your assistance in resolving this dispute. It’s a bit of a cliché to say it, but I really didn’t think it could be done! I have already
passed your name on, and would recommend your services without hesitation.”


“Very good. Relaxed atmosphere but kept things moving. Achieved a breakthrough when all hope seemed lost.”


“…for your persuasive powers, charm and patience I am truly grateful.”


“Jon Lang is an excellent mediator. Kept this one alive when others would have given in. Retains a nice affable manner even when put under
pressure. Has a nice understated nature which really works.”


“Jon was excellent – he kept us focused on the key issues that would lead to settlement.”


“Impressive – struck exactly the right note…”


“First class.  Handled the issues very well and grasped them quickly.  Easy-going style was of benefit to putting the clients at ease.  Never in doubt
from the first meeting that we would reach a settlement.”


“It was a fascinating illustration of mediation in action. The result achieved was one that no court would have been able to order.”


“He grasped what were the live issues impressively quickly.”


“Brilliant. Clearly wanted to do what he could to make it settle and I felt that he was really looking for a solution to the sticking points (even when
at one point it seemed there was no way around them!).”


“I would definitely recommend him and use him again.”


“Jon did an excellent job of assisting the parties in presenting their positions and in negotiations that ultimately led to a successful conclusion.”


“…efficient, client friendly and well prepared…”


“Sensitive formal informality – a reflection of seasoned experience.”


“Thanks again for your help – we and the clients appreciate the great work you did”


“Jon is one of the best mediators I have used. More pro-active than any other mediator I know. Will definitely be using again.”


“He was very proactive in sourcing local law firms to sign stat decs necessary as part of the settlement agreement.”


“Very supportive and pro-active … pre-mediation.”


“The mediation was successful…..This was a remarkable achievement given the grave reservations….at the start of the process.”


“The mediator worked hard with the parties to get a result. His comments in the plenary session were well thought out.”


“Jon was great, as always.  He has a relaxed manner and gains the parties’ trust quickly.  He is innovative in looking at ways to resolve disputes.”


“Thank you for all your hard work yesterday, and for your unfailingly good humour and patience. It was not an easy deal to broker.”


“The service you provided was exceptional…resulting in the resolution of this matter.”


“Jon was very personable, easy to understand and took control of the process throughout.  He was very proactive in sourcing local law firms to sign
stat decs necessary as part of the settlement agreement.”


“… clients were delighted with the outcome. I found the process fascinating…”


“…worked tirelessly, with humour and ingenuity, at trying to find a solution with which both sides could live.”


“Was happy to test and push back on some legal arguments without being overly evaluative. Explained the process well to the lay clients and won
their trust. The mediation worked well.”


“Kept momentum going at all times.”


“It was a success and Jon Lang was excellent…helped us secure a result…very positive and very commercial.”


“Jon Lang is excellent, cheerful, consistent, professional and persistent!”


“Very professional, good grasp of the issues and engineered some very good discussions of the key issues.”


“….parties found Jon to be a mediator they could work with, someone who could keep up momentum, even at the difficult times….. We liked his
style of reality testing and his robust but friendly and equable manner, which ensured that the mediation was not just managed properly with no
time being wasted, but that the parties became more and more deal focused as the day went on, culminating in settlement.”


“…subtle and effective…”


“…were very impressed with Jon as a mediator…I have also been expressly asked by my clients …to pass on their gratitude to him…Would definitely
use him again.”


“…came up with some very good creative suggestions on how we might go forward.”


“…very good…..very well prepared…”


“…impressed by your mediation skills and will definitely recommend you in the future.”


“Jon is a very pragmatic person, able to deal with argumentative parties very well and still maintain a productive and co-operative atmosphere. His
style is very amiable and relaxed, which is very well suited to the role he has to perform. We would recommend him.”


“A very effective mediator who was skilfully able to convince the parties to compromise and ultimately to reach a sensible commercial resolution.”


“Jon showed a clear understanding of the facts in issue…. and was able to give helpful guidance to the parties and their solicitors. We would
certainly recommend his appointment as a mediator in the future.”


“He worked hard, and no time was wasted…”


“Excellent mediator.  Fully understood position and took time to get client to address issues.  Facilitated a settlement from entrenched parties.”


“Thank you very much for your help today in making it happen. Much appreciated and impressive…”


“”First rate.”


“It was extremely important that you were able to build a rapport with the individuals on each side and so diffuse what might otherwise have been
an extremely volatile situation. I would not hesitate to recommend you as a mediator.”


“He created a lot of momentum and enabled some significant changes of position.”


“…calm and pleasant manner”


“Jon was excellent as always. I would not hesitate to use him again on other commercial disputes or recommend him to my colleagues.”


“…conducted the mediation positively.”


“…was able to get to the nub of the relationship…and move things along”


“I am writing to express my sincere thanks for all of the hard work and effort that you put in in the cause of delivering a resolution in this matter. …….. impressed by your … genuine dedication to the process and by the fact that it was such a pleasure to deal with you”


“…used his personal charm and diplomatic qualities to aid the process throughout”


“….moved the process along with speed and care”


“I think the mediator’s approach was exactly right”


“..brought the key decision maker of each side together from an early stage…a shrewd move that worked well.”


“…he was thoroughly prepared, got to grips with the issues and built rapport with both parties.”


“Jon is an excellent mediator.  Very practical, incisive and persuasive.”


“…we were impressed. He was affable, fair, grasped the issues and quickly identified where a deal could be done.”


“Of particular note was his ability to know when to leave us alone and when to come back and assist with the discussion. He had an almost
preternatural sense of timing…”


“I can’t thank you enough for all your help and guidance prior to the mediation…”


“Thank you once again for all your hard work on Friday. I’m very pleased we were able to get an agreement.”


“…very good, friendly, very well prepared…”


“I would just like to express our thanks for the way in which you conducted the recent mediation…appreciate your patience as it achieved a
resolution and an end to what has been an extended dispute.”


“Jon did a very good job in a case where there was a lot of distrust and bad feeling”


“The fact that such substantial progress was made….is purely as a result of his skills as a mediator…”


“Your appreciation of the personalities and subtle approach to getting the best out of them made all the difference, not only bringing settlement
but bringing it much earlier than might otherwise have happened.”


“Excellent – …got us there. Jon’s sense of humour was much needed and an added benefit.”


“Jon – thank you also for your considerable efforts yesterday and achieving an outcome”


“…thanks for recommending Jon Lang for the mediation on Tuesday. He did an excellent job.”


“Very good. Was able to help the parties reach an agreement. Helped both parties to understand each others’ views.”


“Jon was very personable…and took control of the process throughout.“


“Very good mediator. Kept momentum going at all times and helped the parties focus on the issues of the day.”


“…very effective..”


“Jon is very measured and constructive. Keeps things moving well.”


“Jon was great throughout…We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him or use him again.”


“…extremely …patient and proactive. Friendly and easy to work with.”


“Very efficient. It was obvious that Mr Lang had read thoroughly into the papers. ….would recommend Mr Lang for use in other mediations.”


“Very skilful…”


“…helpful suggestions… Easy to talk to but not wet. Very happy to use Jon’s services again.”


“…very effective and user friendly….”


“Good facilitator. Drove forward to ultimately achieve a good outcome.”


“…appreciated where focus needed to be concentrated…”


“….provided useful input and ideas throughout the day.”


“Really excellent. Good-humoured and sensible throughout.”


“Very good; did what it took to get the deal done. Jon was very good with clients, helping them in a variety of ways to get an acceptable position.”


“Jon was very good at getting the parties to engage at a commercial level, promoting direct commercial discussions between principals…”


“Very good. Personable, discreet and effective…”


“Jon was good with our client. He had their confidence and an easy manner. Jon ….had clearly read the papers and called us both before and after
the mediation. We would use Jon Lang for professional negligence work.”


“…handled very well by Jon.”


Jon was excellent. We don’t know how he did it ….”


“Listened to what we wanted out of the day.”


“I had known Jon as mediator on two previous occasions. I remembered him as being effective and building good rapport. I was not disappointed on
this occasion.”


“Very good. Mr Lang had an excellent rapport with the client and kept things moving throughout the day.”


“Practical and pragmatic.”


“Helpful, calm and very professional.”


“Good grasp of issues. Sensitive engagement with clients.”


“Jon was really excellent – as always!”


“Jon was excellent. He was understanding of our client’s point of view, patient with the language requirements, but also firm and realistic
about what was likely to lead to a settlement.”


“Jon was excellent. He handled things very well and has a good sense of humour. He built up a good rapport with our clients which was helpful and important.”


“Thank you for your hard work at the mediation yesterday which was very much appreciated by our team.”


“Jon is an excellent mediator – I have every faith in his abilities.”


“Jon Lang is extremely professional in his approach, which is appreciated.  His desire to move matters forward to achieve a settlement
was excellent.”


Career History


Independent Commercial Mediator, May 2005 to date

Partner, White & Case, 1999 to May 2005

Partner, Llewelyn Zeitman, 1996-99

Solicitor, McKenna & Co, 1988-96

In-house counsel, London International Financial Futures Exchange, LIFFE, 1987-88

Solicitor, Elborne Mitchell, 1986-87


Work whilst in private practice/in-house

Jon has acted for clients at all levels of the judicial system, in domestic and international arbitration and mediation. He has represented clients from a wide variety of industry sectors, from aviation to underwriting and in most types of commercial dispute, from shareholder actions to professional negligence. Whilst in-house counsel at LIFFE, Jon advised on matters relevant to the then financial services regulatory regime. Jon represented clients in a number of reported cases.

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