Commercial Fraud – examples of mediations undertaken

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Commercial Fraud – examples of mediations undertaken

A claim by a major banking institution against several companies and individuals alleging bribery, breach of fiduciary duty and breach of contract, the dispute concerning representations made to the bank’s credit committee causing various loans to be made (c. £7 million).


A claim by a public body against various parties arising out of a fraud in which it lost a considerable sum of money, unjust enrichment and the defence of change of position being central to the dispute (c. £2 million).


Litigation arising out of a failed property development company in which unsuspecting parties invested in non-existent property (c. £3 million).


A multi-party action arising out of the alleged diversion of opportunities to directors of a financial services business, including tracing claims against third parties (c. £6 million).


A claim based on fraudulent misrepresentation in connection with the provision of an indemnity in relation to a financing transaction.


A claim arising out of an investment in a spurious property development project.

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