Employment – examples of mediations undertaken

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Employment – examples of mediations undertaken

A dispute between a former senior executive of a financial institution involving restraint of trade issues and money due under various share and executive plans (c. £2 million).


An unfair dismissal claim brought by a senior employee arising out of alleged protected disclosures, also involving a defamation claim.


A claim by a group of employees for unfair dismissal, age discrimination, unlawful deduction of wages and failure to inform and consult under TUPE.


A case involving equal pay, sex discrimination and unfair dismissal claims.


A dispute between an outgoing chief executive and the company that he ran arising out of non-disclosure of director’s disqualification proceedings brought by the DTI in relation to a company he was concerned with several years earlier.


A multi-party dispute concerning the fiduciary obligations of a senior executive director, breach of confidence etc (c. £500k).


A claim by a company against a former director and his family for breaches of fiduciary and statutory duties, dishonest assistance and knowing receipt.


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